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Saturday, June 27, 2009

I think the time has come...

Dub and Me out and about pre-baby...

For me to join a Mom's Club. Yes. There it is. I once mocked it, not understanding the true need for one. When my BFF Janice had my gorgeous, amazing, little godson Ben, I didn't understand why she wanted to join one, I mean she had ME! And I was more than happy to come over and see them and go shopping with them and yes please! let me diaper and snuggle him and take him to the park with you and you don't need those other moms! But Janice persisted and found a group of women who not only supported her in the way that I did, but also spoke a language that I did not speak at that time. Even though she had non mom friends she needed other moms.
Now me, here in DC. I don't know anyone. And by anyone, I mean truly, anyone. There is one girl from my husbands high school is pregnant now and I adore her but we're just getting to know one another and making friends as an adult is hard! I mean, I've had the same best friends for *cough* years!
So, it's occurred to me that perhaps the time has come that I change my attitude! Max is now quite mobile, toddling a little bit and climbing stairs at a NASCAR pace and I think he might benefit from some friends. And yeah, me too. I'm a social gal. I'm used to lunches and mani/pedis and shopping trips....maybe those will be replaced with trips to the playground and mom's night out, but that might be wonderful too! I know I can't keep staying at home like this. I need to stop mourning the loss of my 'old' life and start embracing the new.
That doesn't mean I will stop missing Dub and Janice and I'll still be thinking of all the fun things we had planned to do with Ben and Zuzu. I mean...my two besties (BFF Jen is CF by choice) and I all with BOYS. *Sniff* *Sob* but maybe I'll meet some new mommy friends here. And maybe one or two of them might want to escape sans babies
every once in a while for a mani/pedi and a lunch! Here's hoping!!

Dub and Me, post baby celebration...


blueviolet said...

Mom clubs are great. I met some wonderful friends that way. I'm glad you're jumping in!

Shelly said...

Hi there, following from MBC.