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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hippity Hop

Just a quick update, today was Max's X-ray and seriously he couldn't have done better if we bribed him with Elmo. ONly one parent could go back with him so Zach went and I sat in the waiting room...watching Big Cat Diary which was fantabulous until the screaming started. And then on Big Cat the story line was about a momma lion trying to get to her cubs after she had fallen down a river embankment and was stuck. Great. Every now and then I would hear Max scream and I would freak...how many X-rays are they doing? Turns out just one. It was over right away. And that screaming I heard? Was from the waiting room in the back, Max was very vocal in his displeasure when Zach wouldn't let him play with things back there. Whew.
The Radiologist took the time to go over the X-ray with us and the upshot it...perfection. HIs hips are perfection, popping is normal and his absurd flexibility is probably half genetic as Zach and I are both flexible and half from his gestation.
Whatever...he's good to go and I could not be more thrilled!!!
Shady Grove Radiology, you rocked my socks today. Thanks!


Jennifer said...

Good and Gooder. I'm glad he is normal!!!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

YAY!!! Great News!!

Keri said...

HOORAY! Such fantastic news, I am thrilled for all of you :) (and Em has that crazy flexibility. Maybe these 2 really are destined for one another!!)