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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wordless Wednesday ~Now with words!

Welcome to my second instalment of From Totally Geek to Totally Chic!

I do believe it's official. I am obsessed with yard sale furniture and painting or refinishing it. I want the world to look like Anthropologie, but I don't want to pay that much. Know what I'm saying? I scour over fabulous decorating blogs and wish I could do that! My first foray turned out pretty good, so this weekend I took the plunge and conquered not one, but two projects.

I have a metric ton of jewelry. No, it's not all real, I love costume jewelry -again taking after my grandmother {dag nabbit!} I've got a fabulous collection of what I lovingly refer to as Mrs. Roper necklaces. Clearly my formative years were spent pining over John Ritter and thinking Mrs Roper could really work that MuuMuu.

So, this metric ton of jewelry has had no place to live but tucked in many little boxes, dishes, and dresser drawers. Let's just say I call on St. Anthony to find my engagement ring more often than my iphone.

and you know that's a lot.

Mumsy (my mom) had asked for some suggestions as to what I would like for my upcoming *cough* 28th birthday. I want a jewelry chest, said I. But once I hopped on ye olde internet, I realized that they were crazy ridonkulous money and also I didn't love any of them.

Enter the decorating blogs. And my new lovah: craigslist. Right at the tippy top was JEWELRY CHEST $75 bucks. I offered her 30. Thinking she might go to 60. Lucky me! She accepted my 30 bones and TOTT and I were off to pick up my Jewelry Dream House ala Barbie.

I wish I'd taken a picture of the before but it was this one right here:

faboo, non?

I said to TOTT, I want this to look like it could be a display case at Anthro. If I was a braver sort, I would have gone with a color, but as it was Lauren (Dude. Lauren the Waitress, Lauren the Paint Expert.Wild.) at Home Depot hooked me up! She taught me how to do what was in my head and off I went to do it.

And for my first try, I think I did mighty well! Plus? Auntie Keek took one look at it and said "It looks like a display case at Anthro! LOVE!' (no, she was not coached and no I didn't pay her. But I would have)

I was so drunk with happiness I decided to takle this beast- totally worth the $20 bucks I paid for it- and make it into a night table (for now) when we move I will put the top back on it and move it to a bathroom or a kitchen.

And so {for now} it shall live here and look like this:

So, who has something the need painted because I am DRUNK with painting power and I just want to redo everything.  It's such a blast!

What are your favorite decorating blogs?


Allyson & Jere said...

That jewelry chest is at least a thousand shades of AWESOME! You scored BIG with only paying 30 bucks. So proud of you and all your crazy painting prowess. Both pieces look faboo!!

Salt said...

I am going to need you to come over to my house and refurbish some furnitures for me STAT. Those look fantastic! I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with that jewelry chest and I can't believe you got it for such a price!

Christina said...

LOVE the jewelry cabinet!! I have an armoire that I want to paint, instead of staining, and my Mom is just having a fit that I'd even dream of painting a piece of furniture that's finished. I think I'll bite the bullet and do it though.

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BTW I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!My favorite decorating blog is Sarah Richardson!


carina said...

Thanks for the inspiration!! We just moved and I am paralyzed over decorating choices :)

Lisa said...


this is my favorite decorating blog. She buys everything from goodwill and redoes it all! She is amazing