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Monday, September 28, 2009

Kicked when you're down...(or not.)

This weekend Kelly fulfilled her Glambassador Duties at the Glamour Magazine event. What fun! Seriously? Women will take you OUT for a free tote bag with some Calvin Klein slippers and Lancome lipstick in it. Baby Max had to play defense and protect his (I want a new one) stroller! He was run over no less than three times in the mad rush to secure a goody bag. Ladies, calm down! There's enough for everyone.
Kelly and I at the event. I do love Glamour.

MIL even watched the baby so Zach and I could go grab a little nosh at a Mexican restaurant in the mall. Fresh table side guac, need I say more? I also may have been powerless against the little jeans and thermals at Old Navy. Why are kids clothes so cute?

Lately I've been feeling a bit like the song Somethings Coming from West Side Story (one of my favs!). I'm not sure why. No, our circumstances have not changed. We're still living the American Dream, Zach is still working hard at a survival job and I thankfully am still getting residuals. But it's like something has turned...the air is different. Not just that it's fall and I'm all excited about sweaters and boots and my new bangs (I.am.so.shallow.) It's just like something good is coming, I can feel it!
Today we found out that my fabulous aforementioned respectable Honda Accord with all the bells and whistles that I lurve needs repairs that will cost more than we owe on it. Gah. Buying a car right now? Not really in our plans. We will see where we go from here, our credit is fine but really? We'd like to get back to LA, we'd like to get our own place. We've stayed here longer than we planned in order to really pay down some debt and to get back on track. The Ohio Debacle was quite costly, but we're ok ya know? A huge car repair puts a big crimp in the works. We are outgrowing my little sedan by leaps and bounds and car seats and strollers and really how much money do you put into a car to just trade it in six months from now?
Something to ponder...
In the meantime I just feel like something good is coming. It's my little mantra right now, but not in a convincing myself way. More like in an acknowledgement. I've been well taken care of by God or the Universe (whichever you prefer) and though this has been a rough spot, but now I truly feel lighter. And happily expectant! (no I'm not pregnant.)
I'm waiting patiently but excitedly. It's Christmas eve over here. Not even possible car trouble can bring me down tonight.
Something good is coming!


Amo said...

What a great attitude! I'm not sure of your circumstances b/c I haven't read through all your blogs, but we had a really rough summer this year too and we are hoping for some good to come our way, as well! Here's hoping for the best for you soon and that you continue to feel light!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Love this post. If you believe it, it will happen! Can't wait to hear what the good is!!

WDC said...

Fantastic! You have convinced me that yes, something great is coming. Your way. More than cute boots too.