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Monday, September 21, 2009

The Roller Coaster.

Good heavens people. What a week. Or week and a half really. Stinker has been sick, sick, sick and it's been a comedy of errors trying to get the tangled web of what's going on figured out. In the end it's nothing serious, all simple innocent childhood issues but in a perfect storm of 'well it could be..' symptoms. So, the final word is: two ear infections, Roseola, and a severe Amoxicillan reaction and a cold. YAY!
Ear infections are cleared now, high fever gone, Roseola cleared, and now the last of the Amox rash is clearing. His palms and the bottoms of his feet are finally clearing thanks to Dr. Courtney and her doses of baby Zyrtec. Today we actually went out and about and not one person pointed and said "that kid is sick!" which did in fact happen when I took him to the grocery store. It looked like he had a raging case of the measles and a very snotty nose (which is still around...mucus is my kryptonite so...gag) so I can't blame them but it stinks to have your little one pointed at in such a manner. Personality wise he is almost back to normal. He's started smiling and giggling again, giving lots and lots of kisses. He now knows where his ears are that's for sure! Bless his little heart. I'm so glad to see him on the mend.
My birthday came and went in the midst of this and it was lovely, I got well and truly spoiled by the inlaws with the second holy trinity: Sephora, Nordstroms, Tiffany. And Zach spoiled me with sweaters and roses and an upcoming trip to the Shaw and Stratford Festivals. Lovely!



Amy said...

You saw the light in that storm?? That's impressive!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Happy birthday even though you had to deal with a sick kid, Tiffany's is worth it!!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Wow that was quite a combination of things! Glad you got it sorted! Happy birthday! belatedly