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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

International (wo)man of (no) Mystery.

Behold! My mother's day gifts:

Mayhaps you will recognize the all too familiar logo's from my Motherships. Target Boutique and Starbucks.

Now before you go thinking my fam is lazy for just doling out the gift cards, you must understand how very much I adore gift cards. Two words, people: FREE SHOPPING.

I love to shop. I do. Now that I've bested my eating disorder and given up soda, I will absolutely admit that I could easily go to the dark side of retail and develop an addiction.

Thus far I've held it at bay (although TOTT would now snort and say "barely" but then I bring him something coolio and he forgives. He's the awesome) I suppose if I had more friends in this zip code I might not spend my days plotting the new finds and making lists of things I want as soon as payday comes around. Okay, it might be a small problem. Very small. I window shop far more than I buy and I really choose things wisely. And if I make a mistake I return it ASAP. And so my family gifted me with the happy day of shopping!

I lie about the friends thing...If I had more friends in this zip code I would just be shopping with them.

But here's the thing...I will always love my Target and yes, I will always choose the Target with the Starbucks in it over one without. But perhaps I need to mix it up a bit. I've become a no brainer.

My high maintanance rep is feeling a bit bruised over this. I mean, it's so easy now!~ Just toss Target at me and watch me squeal!

But where, oh where, is there a store as glorious as Target??? I need to go get a coffee and give this matter some serious thought. Maybe I need some shoes too,oh, and hair dye...huh. Target it is.


Allyson & Jere said...

You said "mayhaps" I think I love it. Well, it cracked me up anyway. I am right there with ya, giftcards are the ONLY way to go for me. I love them, so practical, so easy, so RIGHT! Glad your family knows what you love and got you that. Happy sipping and shopping. Oh, and where is that place to read books online again. I'm lame and forgot.

Salt said...

I went into my very first TargetwithaStarbucks the other weekend. My head almost exploded from the epicness of it all. I caffeinated. I shopped. I probably shopped a lot more than I would have had there been no Starbucks in the store.

Well played, Target.