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Monday, May 24, 2010

Newsies! Get your papes! And also the Parade de Douche heads back into town!

If I eat it [the rose] I can take it into my soul and no one else can ever have it ~ Kyle, The Bachelorette.

It's Bachelorette time! Squee! I can't decide if I love the Bachelor better or Bachelorette. It's like Sophie's choice up in this joint! I mean, on one show there is a bevvy of buxom totally insane chics and maybe one or two normal ones who will never get picked *cough* Melissa *cough*, but on the other show there's utterly idiotic doucheberg's having the most bizarre pissing contest evah.

I love it. And last night the Parade de Douches came into town in a line of loonies worthy of mardi gras. It's gonna be a good season. They got all Lord of the Flies on the introductory episode, so I'm pretty sure that soon it's about to become a Survivor/Bachelorette blend. Or maybe Running Man. Whatever, this season is headed to a dark place. Suicides, stalking, and girlfriends! I can't wait!!! If you want to snark and giggle, join me and TOTT  on Twitter during the show!

Change of subject:

I was approached by NVIDIA about my netbook and how much I love it, which I do, and they made this little video of me! Check it out! (also, file in narcisissm)

 Things we can mock:
1.my voice. what the heck? I am so squeeky. I guess that's why I book a lot of character cartoony- voice overs.
2. My outfit at the park. It was laundry day. Also, horrible posture and excellent muffin top. Tossing that sweater out as soon as I find it.
3. TOTT in his shorts. Awesome tan. But how cute is he?
It was a blast to shoot! And since I do love my netbook, it was no lie.

One last bit of biz:
Hopefully you've all noticed my little message at the top of this blog! Look up...go on. Yup! We are mooooooovin on up. (to the East Side). You know how you can do your own mani/pedi and dye your hair, maybe give yourself a facial and you look in the mirror and think "dang! Well done me, I look pretty good!" but then like, for your birthday or Mother's day you get to go to the salon and someone who really knows what's going on fancies you up and you look in the mirror and think "dang! what was I thinking that I could do this to myself! This is so much better!"

I've done my best to give this blog it's home grown mani/pedi and touch up it's roots (lamest analogy ever.) but dialmforminky.com is working it's way through salon de NapWarden. Bless her heart she has worked her magic and very soon we will be unveiling the new look and also making the big leap! The URL will remain the same, but I don't want to lose a one of you! So I hope you'll help me move by coming along for the ride. No heavy lifting required!

That my friends, is what a random recap blog post looks like. Lamesauce, but it had to be done! Back to the funny on the morrow!


Allyson & Jere said...

I for one think the analogy is perfect! I totally get what you're saying. So congrats to you for the makeover and move. Hopefully it'll be painless. I'll TOTALLY be there.

Also, I loved your initial recap of Bachelorette. I used to watch those shows, but seriously, they're so bad and painful, I stopped watching about 10 seasons ago. hahaha But, I will look forward to your recaps.

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

I've never seen an episode of the Bachelor, but now I'm tempted. And I'm excited for you about the move - good luck!

Salt said...

I'm so excited to see your new home when it's all finished! I'm sure it will be lovely, because...well...it's yours so how could it not be.

And holy crap could you be any cuter?? I don't want to hear a thing about squeaky voices. You've heard what I sound like. That is such a great vid and Max is such a soccer superstar! Seriously, it's obvious that he's better at kicking a soccer ball than I am.

Melissa said...

Ok, first, your voice is adorable, just like you. Number 2 - if that's a muffin top, I'm not sure what to call what I am sporting these days. :-) Max is adorable...I love his wave to the netbook.