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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Baby Max would like to thank the Academy...

And the Winner of Most Dramatic Diaper Change is.... BABY MAX!!!!

(Voice over : This Baby Max's third nomination today and his first win. He is also nominated in Most Dramatic Car Seat and Most Dramatic Breakfast)

Baby Max:
 I'm so honored to toddle here before you to accept the honor of Most Dramatic Diaper Change. The other nominees are so talented and formidable in their performances to escape before a new diaper is placed on them. Special acknowledgement to Trevor for his use of the Alligator roll out of a poopy diaper. Well done, man!

I was saddened to loose Most Dramatic Going Down for a Nap to my dear friend Reese, but looking forward to the next category I am nominated in, Most Dramatic Being Placed in a Car Seat, I really think the arched back and the Exorcist-esque head rolls might clinch the win for me!

I'd like to recognize my buddy Nik who took home the award for Most Dramatic Pucker Face Upon Tasting Cranberry Juice. ( instrumental music swells- Lady Gaga's Poker Face) I need to give a shout out  for his performance in "I don't want to get out of the bath" with his costars his Drenched Mommy, Daaddy and Wet Dog. It's great when an artist is supported by the whole family.

I am truly humbled to be surrounded by such toddlers, toddlers who are wholly and fully commited to the Food Throw and the Toilet Splash. Your willingness to just 'go there' is astonishing.
I share this award with every one of you...*Exit music plays*
*arches back, kicks, screams- is picked up by mommy and carried off*

Mad Max


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

LOL! Cute.

Amo said...

This was hilarious! And so true! My Max is right up there with your Max in the dramatic diaper change category! He kicks, he screams, he cries, he flips, he rolls. It takes two or three of us just to change his diaper! It's dangerous if he has pooped!

Amanda @ High Impact Mom said...

I have only started reading your blog (like yesterday), but you have a great writing style! Keep up the good work! I love how original you are!
BTW, Found you through Prarie Mama's blog.

WDC said...

Max is very talented and belongs in LA, LA I TELL YOU! It's in his blood.

lululu said...

LOL! too cute!

HeatherDG said...

OMG! I just saw this. Thanks for the shout out to Reese. :-D