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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Boys will be boys...

We vowed early on to let Max take the lead as to which toys he was interested in and what he liked. Zach is a BIG sports fan and was still playing team Baseball when I met him. My grandfather also played ball for most of his life. We are a big baseball family. But what would Max like?
Well make no mistake about it, this little boy so far is following in his daddy's footsteps.
It's all about sports. Baseball, basketball, soccer. He wants to play!

The other day I made an unsatisfying trip to Michaels. I have this brilliant dream of making Max a stocking for Christmas, one of those grand needlepoint ones. Never mind that I don't know how to needlepoint I want to make my kid a stocking! There was nary a good stocking at Michaels. Max wiggled in my arms wanting to get down and explore and since we were surrounded by Christmas decorations I let him. Did he stop to look at the sparkly trees? Ornaments? How about the figurines? Nope he took off at a run for the end cap at the back of the store. The end cap that had stick on decals for the back windows of cars. He raced to it happily screaching 'Baaaaaaaaa" and grabbed about 20 basketball decals.

I predict I will be throwing many pizza parties for his teams in the future, and taking the boys to Jimmy Cone

I guess I better start liking sports more.


Janice said...

LOVE the pea coat. And, while do know how to cross stitch, they took too long and I have my kids too close together. I ended up ordering wonderful ones from Lands End.

Jennifer said...

I'm sure you all are proud that he's already making right choices! ;-)

blueviolet said...

That is just so cute! I had dreams of making stocking myself too. What I have are stupid but delightfully soft red ones from anywhere.

Found ya at Speaking from the Crib.