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Sunday, November 15, 2009

The I wants!

Oh how I have them. I do, I admit it. We are doing our level best to make our time at the American Dream count and are being very, very practical with our money. And so I've stopped shopping. Did you hear me people? I've.stopped.shopping.  Shopping for me is like breathing so it's been a tough couple of weeks but I think I am starting to get the hang of resisting. Sort of.
 Of course there are exceptions! Diapers, clothes for Stinker as he grows etc. I've no idea why I call him Stinker now, as he is a sweet natured little dude who most certainly doesn't stink! He pretty much smells like marshmallows and heaven.
Christmas will be small but lovely. Zach and I opting for practical things like contact lenses, headshots for me and a microphone to record mp3s ( not all of those!)so I don't have to drag the wee baby all over creation to audition for voice overs.
All great stuff! I've always believed that Christmas gifts are not for things you need but things you want. This year though, I want the things I need. I really want headshots! And contact lenses!

But...I also want this. It's so neat. I saw it on Cool Mom Picks  and got that lovely warm feeling in my tummy when I see something I want ever so much!
I love it in the gold, I've been wearing white gold and platinum for so long and now the gold just seems so warm and happy, sunny! I'm craving the bright colors of spring, greens and pinks...just in time for Winter (good timing, Tex!) but gold knows no season.

Expandable braclets at Alex and Ani
Of course I want an M. M for Max. M for Minky. And if we are blessed enough to have another wee one M for them (probably), we very well might Duggar the initials! If you don't want an initial never fear, there are all kinds of charms. Religious symbols, cherubs. You name it, they've got it.

Since ZD and I are going to be good this Christmas, I thought I might post some things that I love. Perhaps you'll love them too and then you might go out and get them for you or someone you love and that? Makes me just as happy as if I'd gotten it my very self.

*BTW this isn't a sponsored post or review or anything. I just have the I Wants!


Amo said...

Very cute jewelry! I haven't been shopping for myself in about three to five years. So sad. I've been wearing the same shoes and clothes forever! Maybe someday we will be able to afford new stuff!! That will be the greatest day ever!!!! Keep having the I Wants and you will get it someday!

Buckeroomama said...

Shopping for myself? Such an alien concept now. The thing is, I don't really "need" much these days and I think I've used up my I Want's when I was younger and went overboard with all the things that I bought, some of which I never even got to use! :)