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Saturday, December 19, 2009

I wouldn't be East Coast if I didn't blog about the snow.

Seriously. They'd revoke my East Coast Family (Boys 2 Men, ABC, BBD) membership card. Which might be okay, since we all know I miss the land of Lost Angels. (West Coast, baby!)

Menfolk be shoveling in the a.m.

Whatever. It's SNOWY here. And by snowy? I mean ridiculous gorgeous. And I mean ridiculous gorgeous because I don't have to go anywhere and  because my brilliant mother in law stocked up for Armageddon at Giant and I have enough strawberries and seltzer water to get me through till spring.

wanna play in the sand?

She also bought diapers. She's awesome that way.

Oh Santa, my Santa! 

Things that are fabulous about being snowed in are:

  1. It's so pretty! 
  2. My mother in law felt the need to make cookies. Oatmeal chocolate chips. My favorite. 
  3. The in-laws played with Baby Max so I could rock the yoga dvd
  4. I rocked the yoga dvd
  5. Elf was on t.v. I am disarmed by Buddy The Elf. 
  6. A molar the size of Wisconsin popped through Max's gum. Hooray! And perhaps, relief? 
  7. Max and I had a serious dance party. The kid has moves.
  8. I abused my in-laws desire to play with Baby Max, and totally indulged in a big old beauty day! 
  9. Hair has been deep conditioned, skin has been masked. (masqued?)
  10. Many, many, many, baby snuggles
  11. Many, many, many, readings of Llama Llama Red Pajama (which come with extra baby snuggles. Bonus.)
  12. P.J.'s all day. 
Rotten things about being snowed in:

  1. Zach is stuck at the St. Regis in D.C. and will possibly be there till Monday
  2. 'Stuck' apparently involves getting drunk with the kitchen staff and texting me late night.
  3. No, I won't share the texts with you! (But they were amusing.)
  4. I miss Zach
  5. My poor father in law had to shovel everything not once, but twice...and you cannot tell at all. 
  6. His back is wrecked.
  7. His sister reminded him that 'men of his age can have heart attacks shoveling snow'. (he did not.)
  8. 'Snowed in' apparently involves eating everything in the house.
  9. Like yummy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. And frozen organic vegetarian burritos. And Lentil soup. And oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. 

Prozac Puppy in the a.m. loving the snow.

The snow has stopped now, here's hoping that it stays gone so my sweetie can come home to me! And promptly make me mad. Ain't marriage grand?

Cookie good.


Helene said...

OMG, all that snow is beautiful!!! I'd wanna just run out there and throw my body into it. And then of course complain about how freakin cold it is.

Your MIL sounds awesome!!! I wish mine would come over and entertain the kids and bake cookies...but instead she comes over and complains about how her whole body hurts and how unfair life is.

Totally loved the reference to Boys II Men!!

Mommyof2girlz said...

Love your pro's and con's about being snowed in..haha Stopping in from SITS to welcome you to the group, nice to meet you :)

carma said...

those are some really good reasons to be snowed in. I'll echo what Helene said - awesome MIL!!!

Buddy the Elf rocks - like you and your yoga dvd...

Stopping by from SITS to say "hi" and welcome. I know that you will enjoy being a part of this vibrant community of bloggers :-)

greedygrace said...

Beautiful to look at, but I wouldn't want to have to shovel it every day!

I came by to welcome you to SITS! We're happy to have you join us!

Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

The snow looks beautiful. We only have an inch or so here but I'm hopeful.

I also hope your father-in-law's back recovers quickly.

Paige said...

What a fun post! The snow is beautiful, and I wish we had some of that here in Alabama. Hope your husband gets home soon!

Just stopping by from SITS to say Hello! Have a very Merry CHRISTmas week!

Christy said...

givin' you a shout out from the city of los angels...where there is no snow in sight...and I am envious of YOU!
poppin' by from SITS...

The Rambler said...

Great blog!!

Don't hate but I live FAR FAR away from you right now. Hawaii...so I know not how ridiculously beautiful it is there.

From SITS...again, love the blog.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

It must have been great to be snowed in with someone who cooks and babysits! The snow is beautiful!

Stopping by from SITS!

Rachael-TooTutuCuteMommy said...

I hope your hubby makes it home soon! I am a fellow west coast girl snowed in by the same storm! We are in No. Va...Loving the snow but not the amount of Christmas cookies I have consumed! And they've closed the schools and the hubby doesn't have to work today! Yeah!

Stopped by from SITS....Merry Christmas!

Erin said...

HILARIOUS! I love finding new bloggers who can really bring the funny. Found you from SITS!

M said...

Im from the Great White North, and I am SO jealous of all the snow you guys got. We have lots up here, but I LOVE the big old snowstorms.

Stopped by from Sits. Happy Snow Day!!

Kimberly said...

Love the pro and cons. Genius!

Have a great Christmas!

saltsays said...

Hi! I just randomly found you on SITS and I love love love your blog. Your snow looks a lot like ours. :) (I'm also in the East and so have been obligated to blog about the storm as well.)

I also tried to do a yoga DVD over the weekend, but ended up chaturanga-ing down on top of the cat. So that ended quickly.

Joy said...

Sounds like you hit the mother in law jackpot!

Welcome to the SITS community!