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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Treasure Chest...er, closet. Treasure closet.

Sometimes when you've been trapped in the house for several days you take to wandering from room to room. Especially if you are 16 months old. Or if you are that 16 month olds mother.

Max and I just wandering through the house, room to room.

So, say you're wandering about and you head into the baby's favorite room, his Auntie Kelly's room. (We've no idea why he's so obsessed with her old room...but there it is. You can't find Max? Check there first) Of course he's all confident pulling things down and attempting to see just what is on top of that table, because he knows his mommy is ever so patiently following him around (again).

Being 16 months old and supremely sweet, he decided Mommy needed a present, and before Mommy could even put down her (much needed) coffee, he swooped into Auntie Kelly's closet and picked something pink to bring to Mommy. That boy. So young, so smart. Pink is indeed my favorite color.

Oh! (I gasp!) I've never seen this, I LOVE IT!

I tossed that dress down and take a picture with my iPhone, which is SO obviously my attachment object. (hey! If Max can have his sock monkey I can have an iphone...whaddya mean I should be past that developmental phase?) and furiously texted Auntie K.

Best sister in law ever, non? So now I know why a certain 16 month old is obsessed with Auntie Kelly's room. First he found the big yellow ball there (the exercise ball, another Max obsession) and now this!  That room is like a treasure chest of awesomness.

Now I'm all floaty and happy and looking forward to the sun!

This dress gives me Spring Fever.

Also, I'm going to need some sort of slip.


Kirsty said...

That dress is indeed fabulous. I will try hard not to hold the Hawaii in 2 months thing against you.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for the kind comment. We do have an uncanny amount in common. I'll be following you. I'm liking what I am seeing. (How sweet is your little Max??!)

Laurie/CJ said...

1. Score on the dress, can I borrow Max to go shopping?
2. Score on the super cool in laws that you can borrow/get clothes from!

The Rambler said...

That room is a treasure chest of awesomeness!!! was my favorite line :)

and yah...Iphones 4eva...and eva..

Oh, sorry. I kinda sorta LOVE my Boyphone, I mean, Iphone.


Iphones rock.

Aunt Robin said...

Max is one smart boy-- Aunt Kelly's room is the most interesting room--told her that when she was sweet enough to lend me her room when I visited last month LOL

saltsays said...

Oh it's so pretty!! I wish I had sisters-in-law that I could borrow clothes from. Well I do have them, but they are like 5'10" and skinny like models. Pffft.

Your son has EXCELLENT taste!!

Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

Obviously Max has an eye for quality and beauty.

Have a Merry Christmas!