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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wordless Wednesday~ Live! In Concert!

Preparing to take the stage...

Presenting BABY MAAAAAAX!!!

Even Rock Stars get distracted by the lights sometimes!

A little dancing for the fans.

Pause for the camera close up.

Taking a bow...sort of.

Plum tuckered out, still clutching the guitar.

Many, many thanks to the Newseum for letting Max take the stage
and to all the wonderful people who stopped and clapped
 and cheered for, let's be honest, my little ham.


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

He is just way too cute. Seriously...that is the cutest face evah!

Anonymous said...

He is so darn adorable. Cute pics!

And hey Baby Max and I have something in common...I can be pretty distracted by lights and shiny things sometimes too.

Amo said...

Those pictures are absolutely the cutest things I have ever seen! It hurts they are so cute!! Your little Max is precious!!

Helene said...

He's SO darn cute, with a personality to match! I just wanna reach through my computer and squeeze him!!!!

kys said...

He is adorable!