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Monday, March 8, 2010

And now to find the sunblock...

The time is drawing close for me to pack up my newly acquired bathing suits and a half ton of sunblock and head to La-La Land, and then to Hawaii. I can feel the warmth settling into my bones already. Can you feel it too?
My toes are wiggling with glee at their new pedicure and just chomping at the bit to get at their old pals Flip Flops (not thongs, not thongs, not thongs. I'm still working on it). I've got a new set of shades just for the occasion and even got some that Max will keep on for more than a split second.

only the coolest of dudes fall asleep in their shades.

Of course my bags are not packed...who packs ahead of time! That's no fun! Nah, I'll be running around like crazy up until we leave.

That will make the big sigh of relief once we are on that plane all the better.

Hey D.C. when I return I'd like it to be Spring. Like, for real. None of this one day of 65 degree weather and then bam! the next day is 40 and rainy. Real live Spring. I want the grass greening up, I want flowers beginning to break thru the ground. I want to see people smiling and happy and everyone outside soaking up the sun and the fresh air. Cause D.C., I gotta say you are one GORGEOUS city in the Spring.
Thanks, Me.

I've achieved my vacation weight loss goal, with only about 10 lbs to go till I reach my full weight loss goal, and reach my pre-pg (and coincidentally my high school graduation) weight. I wanted to do this so that I would feel comfortable enough to enjoy the trip, and to like the pictures that will be taken. Oh, I'll still edit and veto the heck out of them, but I'm pretty excited that I did it! I may or may not be bringing my favorite pre baby jeans that I can not only fit into, but I don't look like a stuffed sausage while wearing them. Dude, that's like the brass ring right there!

My grandmother had this saying, it's "God said 'HA!'" Today I myself almost said HA! out loud. I am not a person who takes joy in others suffering. Really. I mean unless you're a total jerkface. Which none of you are. But today as I once again plugged my earphones in and tuned into Las Vegas and climbed my hills on the elliptical the gym manager came by me. On his crutches. Bet he's regretting those 50 billion calories now!  Clearly God smote him for his rampant consumption of pizza and donuts, ruthlessly flaunting it in the faces of those who are fighting off those insidious Girl Scouts at every turn!
I still hope he heals quickly.

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Salt said...

I tried my darndest to bring some warm weather back with me from the islands and have been wearing sandals in the hopes that it will make it seem warmer (it's not working). So now it's your job to bring some Hawaii sun home with you! Lucky!