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Thursday, March 11, 2010

WWJD, its not what Sonny would do!

Godson Ben is Stachetastic.
Zach may be having too much fun with this iPhone app.

Ah. Los Angeles. I woke up this morning looked out the window and saw my palm trees! I am home. I do love D.C. but being here...I just feel at home. I LOVE LA.

WWJD came and picked us up and now we are in the land of Weeds and Big Love. Santa Clarita!
We are settled in at the kitchen table, the baby is napping and we're catching up and gabbing about General Hospital and tearing Sonny Corinthos a new one. I mean...if we could in real life we got a thing or two to tell him.
Like...uh, saying "I wouldn't have shot Dante if I'd known he was my son!"
Because shooting an unarmed cop is A-ok as long as they are not your son.
WWJD and I both love GH, in college we had class from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. General Hospital was on at 2. Perfect for grabbing some chow and collapsing on the living room floor with all our friends to watch.
Even to this day I love watching with friends because we all comment, laugh and yell at the screen.

It's funny because this week we actually ended up having a great chat about how far we would go to protect our kids, since Sonny is,yet again, excercising excellent parental judgement by getting Michael out of the country. Whille I myself may not agree with Sonny's choices, I would stop at nothing to protect my kid. Especially if like Michael, he was innocent. And believe you me, Max better be innocent. I believe in responsibility for your actions, so I am already working with Max on cause and effect and consquences for his actions.
I mean he's 19 months so it's basically ya know, if you throw your food then you're done eating. We're not talking grounding him!
But if God forbid Max were in danger...I'd stop at nothing to keep him safe. I worry about bullying. I worry about gangs at school, and I worry about if I would overeact to it. Will I be the mom who marches into the principal's office at the drop of a hat?
I'd like to think not. I know that one of the hardest parts of parenting is letting your child fight their own battles and teaching them to be strong and true to themselves. For now our battles are small and easily negotiated. Share your toys, no hitting, the easy stuff. But I know that soon enough there will be fighting and wrestling. And then dating, and learning how to treat girls with respect while negotiating the bizarre ego filled world of young adulthood.
So strange how General Hospital caused a whole talk about how far we would go for our kids. It's pretty damn far. I'm guessing you would go to the end of the earth too.

And now if you'll excuse me, I hear the little one waking.  I'm going to go and enjoy this gorgeous afternoon and just throroughly enjoy watching my kid play with WWJD's son.

Again, it's just as it should be.


Sarah said...

Stephanie Stearns from Boulder Colorado? I just read about your blog on the NEW YORK TIMES online! Sure enough, it's you. Congratulations (on the baby, the blog, the publicity...)!! And I look forward to reading your blog!

Jen (@jenbshaw) said...

OMG! How was I not aware that you are a GH watcher too. I routinely yell and scream at the TV when watching. Sometime we must watch together via twitter.

Jenny said...

LOL, I am so sick of him saying he would not of shot Dante if he would have known...still doesn't make it okay.

I would do anything to protect my son that is for sure.

Mary P said...

I agree with the Sonny comments, but I still think he rocks! Carly is truly unbelievable though. I love when Jax actually stands up to her like a man....and reminds her of how Sonny has repeatedly put her kids in danger! Duh... On another note, while I love the following soap couple probably as my all-time favorite, these two have to go down in the history books as the worst soap parents, EVER... Frisco & Felicia. They really did abandon their two daughters. Then, Frisco couldn't even come back for Georgie's funeral, because he was deep under cover. Lol. I loved Maxie's speech at the funeral where she tore Felicia a new one.