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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Clapping Monkey

My husband and I are actors. Like for real, usually we make a living at it actors. Since the economy has tanked we've hit some rough times (see post #1 The Upshot) but at heart, we're actors. And of course our number one audience member and biggest fan is Max. From the second he smiled his very first gummy smile Zach and I have been jumping over chairs, falling down, making silly noises and faces. Anything for that smile. It's a drug, addictive. And truly better than the cheers of five thousand strangers. That one little smile...and then one day he laughed! I know...I know...eventually they do that, it's not miraculous etc. etc. etc. But oh, my, gawd. The lengths we will go to get that laugh. I am a master of Monkey noises and kissy faces and Zach can get a laugh just by saying "scoooooby dooooo!" I've spent hours munching on his belly, his toes, his ears in desperate pursuit of that fabulous giggle.
But last night, last night Max busted out with the piece de resistance for actors. Max applauded. It was awesome. Truly awe inspiring. Obviously we all cheered like crazy people, Auntie Kelly, Grandma, Grandpa Zach and me all clapping right back at him. His eyes got wide, Disney baby button eye wide and then he laughed and clapped at the same time!  
Oooooh yeah, baby. Game ON! Today was all about clapping. Max is obsessed with my iphone. He really does ruthlessly delete stuff off of it all the time. He also rearranges my apps. We've reached that stage where if he wants something and you take it from him a tantrum ensues. And yeah, it's the cutest little tantrum you ever did see but still! So today we began using magic. Ya know slight of hand. One minute the iPhone is in Daddy's hand, the next ooooooooooooooooo nothing! Max responded with squeals of delight and much applause.  
Tomorrow it's all about applauding and capturing it on film. 
"Gimme that iPhone!"

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Jennifer said...

Why does your baby want me to eat his cheeks? BTW, I'm an actor, too! Like for real working actor! :-)