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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Not about my baby.

Phil Spector is a weird dude. And guilty. In the words of Hunky Paul, Quelle Suprise! One of the wild things about living in LA is how your day to day life can just be smack in the middle of TMZ happenings. It seemed so normal to me till we moved to see Kate Walsh reading Glamour Magazine while standing in line at the Grocery Store. Or Ryan Seacrest at our favorite coffee shop. No biggie. LA is like a home free zone and it never seemed different at all. But 6 months out of LA and I realize, sheesh. The rest of America just doesn't run smack into Phil Spector! But I did. I got called to jury duty during the first trial, which is uber annoying cause I never get picked and it just distrupts your whole life. Anyway, there I am waiting ever so patiently to not get picked when I am sent up to be pooled. At least it's something to do before I am thanked and excused. After about an hour they break for lunch and we're left to our own devices til we reconvene, I scoot off to the little snack shop after sneaking a cell phone pic of the courtroom accross from ours that says "Judge Wapner, presiding." It's a tight squeeze in the snack shop, I'm thinking some cheetos a coke and I'm out of here. I manage to get around two humungous dudes. Like Rap Star body guard dudes. Big scary dudes. But since I'm a chick they give me a little smile, I smile back. (Awesome. I've still got it!) One even hands me the cheetos. I turn to go get my soda and BAM! I turn right into Phil Spector. Ooooh, he's tiny! Teeny, tiny! He's wearing huge platform boots and a purple zoot suit and he's barely my height, although that 'hair' gives him several inches on me. And honestly, he's wearing more make up than I was. (It's jury duty shall I really waste my good mascara on that?) His eyes got really wide, like crazy eyes and he just stared at me. I turned quickly and walked away paying for my cheetos and leaving without a soda. That guy gave me the creeps. Blood runs cold creeps. So the verdict is not too shocking to me.I was released after lunch from duty (again, Quelle Surprise!) and made my way home and took a hot shower just to get the icky feeling off. Dude was weird.

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