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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Who are the people in my neighborhood?

They may not all be in my actual neighborhood anymore, but these are the people I talk about the most. Here's a run down for the new folks!
King Max aka Baby Max, Stinker, Stinky Bee, Sweet D, Snuggle Bug.
The reason for this blog
The love of my life and coolest person I've ever met. Makes the world a better place just by existing and is certain to get little old ladies to pinch his cheeks at the grocery store or mall (I never believed people really just walk up to little ones and pinch cheeks but it's true!)

Zach aka ZRD, Zoo.
Second love of my life. It's OK, I've been usurped in his heart too! C'est la vie. Wicked funny, evil joke player and tall tale spinner, brilliant actor. We met playing brother and sister in a play. (Collective eeeeeeeewwww!) Had phenomenal wedding at the Mission Inn, living in bliss ever since. Except for that horrible Ohio bit. But we're back on track now. No one makes me laugh harder...except possibly:

Heather aka DUB
My best friend since I was three, her mom and my mom are best friends. We were raised together and she is more like my sister than BFF. We call each other sisters and say our babies are cousins, her son is my nephew. Mine is hers. We had twin speak as little kids, true story our very own language until my mom got royally annoyed and insisted we stop. Our parents say we are twins separated by two months and two thousand mile births. Don't have a single childhood memory without her.

Ammar aka Mahmood, First Guy
Dub's fiance and Zuzu Bee's daddy. Funny, smart, great actor. Former roommate and all around good guy. Total golden child, ya know one of those guys who good stuff just always happens too. It'd be easy to hate him if he weren't so damn cool.

Isaiah Mahmood: Zuzu Bee.
God how I love this baby. Dub and Mahmood's son, born 6 days before Max (yeah we even had our babies together, just like every let's pretend game we ever played as kids). Born with crazy Zoolander hair, uber cute, uber active and chatty and just frickin awesome. Zuzu has PKU
You can find info on it here: http://www.pku.com/AboutPKU/TheScienceOfPKU.aspx
We're Team Zuzu. Basically in a teeny tiny nutshell he can't process protein and if he has too much it can basically turn into toxic chemicals in his brain. Untreated it can cause some mental retardation. So it's a constant struggle to keep his numbers in the right range. It absolutely kills me to not be there while they are going through this. It's a lifetime struggle but to not be there when your sisters baby is having blood tests like every week is really rough. Zuzu is doing great and I hope to have pics of the boys together again soon!!!

Umba Bunny: Heather and Ammar's poodle. Nuerotic, silly, sweet, so light I think she's made of air. She's so cute and Sammy is totally in love with her. To this day if we accidentally say her name Sam will spend all day going to the front door to see if she's here yet.

Sammy the Dog aka Prozac Puppy
Rescued Tibetan Spaniel Mix. We're his fifth and forever home, he's a total snuggler, sweet as can be but terrified of almost everything due to his history of abuse before he came to us. Way more high maintenance than the bebe. Used to threaten to send him to live with his grandparents when he would bark and wake the bebe, but since now we all live with the grandparents...there goes that threat.

And speaking of Grandparents:
My rocking in laws who took us in and built us an apartment in their home so Max would have a safe place to live.
G-pa: Bobob as Max says. Funny, persnickety, do-gooder, Thinks 7:30 is sleeping in on a Saturday.
G-ma: the Ultimate Jewish mother, 5 foot tall, cheerleader in high school who can still do a cartwheel into the splits. Ask her, she'll show you. Plus it mortifies Zach which is an extra special bonus.
Auntie Kelly: Zach's little sister, we have the same birthday and Kelly is just like me; if nothing rotten had ever happened to me. She's a fashionista, makes fantabulous cupcakes, and her friends are way lucky to have her. She's basically all around awesome. And I am constantly in admiration of her ability to share, her kind heart, how non competative she is...she's super cool.

Pictures later, King Max has awoken!


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