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Friday, May 15, 2009

He didn't need me.

Me and the Bebe on Mother's Day
Every night of his little life I have snuggled Max, nursed him, sung Baby Mine, told him how much I loved him and how proud I was to be his mommy kissed his sweet head and laid him down to sleep. Lately I've been able to put him down wide awake and he falls asleep on his own, it's been a long battle but I'm so proud of the progress my little piglet has made.
We have a bedtime routine. Best decision we ever made. Dinner, bath, snuggles, bed. He usually goes down at 8:30 but with all the family visiting the last week it's been at about 9:30. So I felt fairly confident that it would be A-ok that I could leave my little bugger with Daddy from 5:30 til I got home while I went and visited a sacred place. A real life salon. I used to hit the salon every 6 weeks like clockwork for a trim. Nothing feels better than a salon hair wash, cut and blow out. Heaven. Since the baby came I have had my hair cut once. And that's a whole other blog post. I asked for two inches off the bottom (the night before my Shakespeare Theatre audition, mind you) and I ended up with 5 inches gone and some really bizarre short in the back-long in the front layers. Not a good look for me. 
So, I waited patiently for my hair to grow long enough for it to be fixed and then head off to my sister in law's stylist. God. Bless. Her. Max reached for me and cried as I left and my heart just broke. Some Sesame Street and Daddy dancing distracted him long enough for me to make the great escape.
Fantastic time, fabulous haircut complete with coffee and robes for you to wear. Just like pre-baby life! I did text Zach oh, about ten million times asking if the baby was okay. After our hair was done we raced home and burst in the door right at 9 p.m. Zach met me at the door with a 'Shhhh. He's sleeping.'
Excuse me, what??? He just went to sleep with no snuggle, no kiss, no Baby Mine??? I cried. Totally admit it. He just went to sleep. And slept till 5:45 a.m. I missed him so much. I'm proud of him, but I wasn't quite ready to miss a bedtime.

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