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Friday, May 1, 2009

Thousand Word Thursday

Yup. Jumping on the bandwagon. I just can't decide between two! So I guess for me it's two thousand word Thursday and yes, they are from when my son was born.
I love this picture. This is the day after Max was born. There I am all puffy and tired but ever so happy staring at my Godson Ben, the gorgeous little blonde boy dancing about the room while his Daddy looks on. His Mommy, my best friend Janice is holding King Max and falling crazy in love while in the back to the left my sister Dub and Mahmood (Zuzu's parents) share a sweet moment. Even though I was still kind of drugged I remember this so well. I love that this snapshot captured so much life.

This is Dub holding Max for the very first time. (isn't she gorgeous? 6 days PP and she looks rested and lovely although perhaps this isn't the best picture to show you.)He is about 4 hours old here. Her mother (my 2nd Mommy) is holding Zuzu. I love how natural Dub looks with Max and how he's all swaddled and Zuzu is already wiggling and stretching how and how the two Moms are looking at the boys. It breaks my heart that we are not raising our boys together and I am focusing on how soon we will be. The boys are so different and I can't wait to see them explore the world together. I am looking forward to our next visit. I can guarantee there will be about 8 billion pictures.

And just in time...King Max has awoken. 

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