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Saturday, May 16, 2009

That's how we roll.

We've spent the last week dragging friends and relatives around D.C. I'm exhausted. Zach is exhausted and honestly I think Baby Max will riot if I try to put him in his car seat one more time. He just looks at me like "woman! WTH are you thinking? I was just in this thing! A boys got to wiggle and dance to Guitar Hero" We've been to the American History Museum so many times I can tell you where to find every spatula in Julia Child's kitchen, and the monuments? You want a tour? I'm your gal! So it was a lovely change of pace when my BFF from High School Jen came for a visit and was up for something a little more off beat.  After sampling many of our National Bakeries for cupcakes (we joke that everything here is 'National' ) we headed off to the Crime Museum. Yup. That's how I roll...I take an infant to the crime museum. Awww hell yeah! Actually it was the perfect time because while it's not scary, he is still much to young to pay attention to any of the actual information or visuals. Let me tell you, if you like crime stories, this is the museum for you! Bonnie and Clyde memorabilia, take your pick of serial killers, and while disturbing it is fascinating, oddly fun and very informative. And at the end you can have your child (although how many people are dragging their children who are old enough to understand this stuff should be limited) fingerprinted. They film America's Most Wanted there and right next to the set is a very informative, and terrifying child safety section. Obviously something happening to our children is our worst nightmare, so after having Max fingerprinted we hurried upstairs to shoot some drug lords in the virtual crime fighting room to blow off some anxiety ridden stem and then played CSI. If it weren't for the actual blood, guts ickyness and well, science, I could SO be a CSI! I got a perfect score! See? All those hours of watching Law & Order and CSI while pregnant paid off! 

Zach being the Medical Examiner. Note: Close proximity of infant to 'dead' body.

Medical Examiner Dulli explains the cause of Death.

"I knew him!"

Auntie Jen ruthlessly laughs in the face of death.


Jennifer said...

LOL! Looks like you guys had a great time!

nakedjen said...

every time you write about your "national" outings i get homesick. how is this possible? i haven't actually lived there in FOREVER and a day. but you keep going to all the places i actually do adore and love.

they've improved that museum! i actually took my charges there when i was camp counselor nakedjen. 20 eleven year olds. traipsing through there and the FBI. because, well, i wanted them to know true crime. really, i should have been taking them to the watergate and explaining about THOSE crimes. that was true crime, complete with a "deep throat"!

Suzanne said...

How funny! I want to visit you, too!