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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Somebody come and play with me...

Okay, first of all did anyone notice how mixed up I am on the days of the week from staying at home all.the.time? Thousand Word Thursday apparently took place on Friday for me. Excellent. 

Now, on to the post at hand.
Max loves Play With Me Sesame. It's better than Sesame Street because, really, who wants to be bothered with those pesky humans. "Bring on the Muppets" says Max! Well, really he says "baba nana mama dada babababab!" but I know what he means.
The theme song though, seems so melancholy. I mean, somebody come and play with me? Not Mommy or Daddy or Bobby. Just somebody, anybody please come and play with me! I know it's got to be generic for the purpose of the show. If it said "Max come and play with me." A. Max would loose his mind with glee, as Max is one word he for sure knows the meaning of. and B. All little children not named Max would feel terribly excluded. So, somebody come and play today. I can just hear The Smiths version of this song. Morrissey wailing away in that self pitying 90's cry that only the very wealthy can perfect. I was an only child so maybe I'm bringing a little lonely to the party, until Heather came over to play and then I was good to go. 
Max is a kid who likes to bounce in his jumperoo, for hours. I feel like the worst parent ever but if you take him out he freaks. He likes his routine. Wake up, cuddle, roll out of bed, have a nosh, bounce for an hour. Usually while Play With Me Sesame is on. I inevitably feel like a neglectful Mommy because during this time I'm having some coffee, checking my email, texting Dub all the while "somebody come and play with me..." is echoing through the living room. I believe in child led parenting...to a point, obviously if he wants candy all the time or a motorcycle for his 16th birthday that ain't happening. So I'll let him bounce on, but perhaps from now on I'll sit a little closer. And sing the songs with Grover and Prairie Dawn (What the hell is she by the way? Human Muppet? Pink frog? Monster? I can't figure it out.) and Cookie Monster. I'll interact more and play Ernie Says because I don't want my little one to think "I wish somebody would play with me." I want him to know Mommy will play with him.

 I'm totally having my coffee first though.
Max is the jumper for the very first time the night we moved in to the hell/Ohio apartment:


Helene said...

Awww, Stephanie, your little guy is so adorable! I miss when mine were that age!!!

I do the same thing with the days of the week...I usually have no clue what day it is, unless it's Friday...I definitely know when it's Friday!

I'm your newest follower from MBC!

Jennifer said...

I absolutely agree, whenever I bring out the ding dang camera, my baby turns into a pillar of marble!

Elle Zee said...

I am with you on the days of the week. I've come to the sad realization that, with the exception of my husband being home, the weekend is just no different than the rest of the week. Waaaaa!