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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thousand Word Thursday...Actually ON Thursday.

I know right? I'm gonna go all literal and do it on Thgursday! Go me! I'm just excited I know it's Thursday. I only know this cause everyone is talking about Grey's and I remember from when I watched it back before they relegated my George to piss boy, that it was on Thursdays.
So here it is! My picture of the week:
Rome. Sigh. My very favorite place in the entire world. I cannot wait to go back! I love this picture because Zach had grabbed my hand and we had run around the corner, Kelly came around the corner and snapped this picture. I love it. So there's me and the Boy. The Father of the baby. I guess he should get some press too, right? I was already pregnant with Sweet Baby Max at this point although I didn't know it. I suspected though, especially 5 days later when I puked in a trash can in Florence. Klassy, non?

In honor of Mother's Day, and just incase any of you missed my insane tweets; this is Christa Hoffarth's blog link: AMAZING
I had the pleasure of 'knowing her' from a website about a billion years ago. She's a wonderful photographer and this week she gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Charlie and she photographed her own birth while her husband was delivering the baby. Don't worry, the pics aren't graphic or anything, but they are amazing. I wish I had the skill to do something like this. Although I had a C-section so the pictures would have been very boring. Just a blue surgical screen. 
So, relive the emotion of birth...check it out. Again the link is: http://christahoffarth.wordpress.com/

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Scott Wright said...

What a great link! Those photos are amazing. I wish my wife and I had thought of it. But we too had a C-section.