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Monday, May 4, 2009

Zombies, part duex

I'm pretty sure I am one now. I suppose it's time to give up my terror of them and join the Zombie gang. I wander around, bumping into walls. I'm pale with dark circles under my eyes,I'm looking vaguely unkempt. While I'm not wandering aimlessly groaning "Must eat brains." I most certainly am muttering "where ARE my brains." I'm bumping into things, bleary eyed wondering what I was getting or what I was saying just a moment ago....wait, What was I saying? Oh yes. I'm fairly sure my brain is no longer functioning. My husband would like to point out at this time that when you have a baby your brain actually does shrink between 2% and 8%. It shrinks. That won't freak ya out will it? And it takes almost 2 years for it to back to normal. Just in time to have another baby. Right about 2 is when we all start thinking we're ready, right? We've forgotten about the no sleeping and our babies aren't quite babies anymore! 
Recently I've found myself taking some of Noggin's/Nick Jr/Sprout's helpful lessons and applying it to my life. 
A la Dora:
Where are we going? *clap clap clap clap* to get the laundry!
Where are we going? *clap clap clap clap* to get the laundry!
Where are we going? *clap clap clap clap* chocolate tree! (Ok, I'm still going to get the laundry but oh, how I wish I had a chocolate tree)
Max enthusiastically helps by clapping the claps with me. He's very helpful. At least I'm not yet to the point where I do this when he's not in the room to myself! But repetition, repetition, repetition! Breakfast, laundry, chocolate tree! 
We're not sleeping over here, again. Just when I think we've got sleeping down BAM! Back to square one. Sigh. Well, not exactly square one. I have to remember that a mere two months ago Max woke every 2 hours if we were lucky. Every hour if we weren't.Luckily a friend of a friend went to a sleep therapist and she shared what they said with us, and wow did that work! So instead of waking 5- 6 times a night we're waking once a night and that is pretty dang good. I am constantly amazed at Max's resilience and his memory and his sweet nature. Even after a rough night he wakes all smiley and cuddley.
Even though I'm now a Zombie I'm a pretty happy Zombie. Maybe I'm just too tired to remember that I'm not. Nope. I'm happy. And the Army was wrong when they said they were the toughest job you'd ever love.
Motherhood is.


Jennifer said...

Wait. I forgot what I was gonna say...

One Cluttered Brain said...

Sleep deprived at its best! Don't ya just LOVE that Dora song. It DOES get stuck in your head and you do find yourself talking just like Dora. It's crazy. Just watch yourself when you go out to eat--be careful NOT to say, "I think Mommy wants a steak with fries and do ya think mommy. . .(referring to yourself as mommy of course.
A chocolate tree sounds nice though.
yummy, I want one. I think I just might follow you now. :) If you don't mind.