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Thursday, April 22, 2010

As it turns out...

As it turns out, I did learn something at Crazy Hippie Montessori School in Boulder! I dig Montessori, but this particular school was a no. I mean at the time, as a youngster it was an emphatic YES! Dub and I spent our days drawing, playing let's pretend, and 'learning' long division by moving pretty turquoise balls back and forth in test tubes.

I put 'learning' in quotes because let's just say that long division is neither mine, nor Dub's strong suit.

Percentages though, percentages I got. I can figure a percentage like nobodies business. I need that skill for strategic shopping purposes.

Our mothers pulled us out of Crazy Hippie Montessori School at the end of 4th grade plunking us smack in the middle of the establishment's public schools for 5th. Say what? Desks? Homework? We were woefully unprepared. While Dub knuckled down and towed the line- smart girl - I preferred to act out and live in an imaginary world where I was a princess and had a horse. (So...nothing's changed except now the horse is a super safe awesome SUV to put the kiddo in.) The school district decided to hold me back in 6th grade because my 'imagination was too strong'. Can you imagine? The thought of a child's imagination being quashed makes my blood boil.

Perhaps they should have tried to hold me back because I didn't KNOW MATH. The very math they couldn't be bothered to teach me. But that's another matter.  So Mrs. Pinchuck, wherever you are, a little more attention on the teaching and a little less attention on the being mean. Also? If you have a strong Southern Dialect, don't get mad if you say mirrah in a spelling test and I write MIRRAH. You gotta say the terminal R sound for a little kid to get it!

Today Mr. Max happily trotted over to me with his lovely kelly green recorder, handed it to me and said "Mommy! Do this!" I promptly performed both Hot Cross Buns and Mary Had a Little Lamb.

Score one for Crazy Hippie Montessori School. Recorders are big in Montessori. And now I am big to Mr. Max.


Salt said...

We were just alike when we were kids. I still live in Imagination Land. And I love it here.

Our music teacher had a contest when we learned to play recorders. We had to play the Irish Washer Woman song as quickly as we could without messing it up. I won. I probably couldn't figure out how to play it now if I had a gun to my head either. You're a recorder rockstar!

Janice said...

Funny. I went to Uni-Hill where crazy Hippie was all the rage in the public school there. Imagination was huge there and whatever latent liberal ideas I still hold (which as you know are not many) I give credit to the public schools. Who knows, maybe if I had gone to Crazy Hippie Montessori I would a little more center.

Merry Mack said...

We've done both schools and I can see a place for both depending on the kid. I let my students use their imaginations so score one for me. I teach next to the music teacher and she has recorder karate where the students earn colors of ribbon tied on their recorder for playing songs. It rocks. Thanks for stopping by! Come again. I will be back here because I want to read some more. I am just too tired tonight.

Dianna Stearns said...

Much love to you as always, and a special thank you must go out to your music teacher, Marie Blaney as well!!