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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Power of OW!

Max  has a new word. It's "OW" and he has learned ever so quickly that upon uttering that simple syllable everything not only stops, but everyone surrounding him rushes to his aide smothering him with assurances and snuggles. Just as soon as he learned this lesson, he learned to abuse it.
A simple removing of pj's now causes screaches of "OW! OW!", Don't want to eat those crackers? "OW! OW!" and forget about a diaper change. One would think we were dipping his booty in boiling oil instead of gingerly applying some A&D ointment.
Sometimes, it's really hard not to giggle at your child. I try, but sometimes I fail. Cause the drama? The drama is comedy.
Yesterday I reached my OW! limit. It's been a tough week here at the American Dream, TOTT had literally been brought to his knees by a kidney stone (which he showed me and other than the eeeeewww-there-are-somethings-couples-should-not-share factor, holy schnikes. That hist was huge and sharp. Poor TOTT!), then the whole fam, and I mean everyone was struck by a stomach bug.
It was the opposite of of awesome.
I laughingly joked to TOTT that I was having sympathy kidney stone pains, much like he had sympathy pains all throughout my pregnancy. Alas it turned out not to be a figment of my admittedly overactive imagination.
In case anyone is ever wanting an ultrasound...you know the first trimester kind...I suggest your mention the words 'lower left sharp abdominal pains' to your doctor.
Since I am not a man, it took me a mere week to admit that something was truly up and make an appointment. I was unconvinced that it was something major, but the docs bandied words about like ectopic pregnancy and ruptured ovarian cyst.
Yet again, due to my rampant refusal to wean my toddler just yet, I am regulated to nothing but Tylenol, Chocolate and Tears. My current holy trinity.
Luckily today I was informed it was not an ectopic pregnancy and was indeed a cyst, but it looked as thought it was on it's way down and is in no danger of rupturing. Whew. No word on why the pain is radiating up throughout my ribs...but at least I can relax about any imminent danger to my future baby making possibilities!

The best part of being sick in bed, are the Puppy Bear snuggles.

Yet again, I must extoll the European sensibility of living with extended family. I know...I know...and soon we will indeed fly this nest, but honestly, what seemed like the end of the world has turned out to be one of our greatest blessing. No one circles the wagons like family. Even after a week of being sick everyone rushed to my aid. To play and care for M while I couldn't/can't pick him up. As in pain and wallowing in my own puddle of self pity, I do see how blessed I am. Even though the pain has sapped the funny from my very being...it shall rise again. Like the South. (only not really...the South, not the funny.)


Salt said...

Oh no! I'm sending you the most super special magic get well vibes that I can muster. You cannot be rendered unfunny. That makes my heart so sad.

Seriously I hope you feel better soon. And I hope TOTT's battle of the kidney stones has finally come to an end. And that everyone is finished with their stomach viruses. Geez, friend, rough week over there!


Allyson & Jere said...

Sorry about the sick and the pain, that super sucks! Glad to hear you're all on the mend though. Hopefully it didn't completely suck the funny from your bones, 'cause we'd sort of miss it around here.

Melissa said...

I love that Max is using "Ow" all the time! Jacob just recently learned that word as well. It cracks me up every time he says it. My favorite is the "Ow" and then kissing his own knee that was skinned but is no longer skinned. Funny, the stuff they remember.

Sending get well wishes. I hope this stuff clears up soon!