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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm not a (just) mother, I'm a Performance Artist.

I am filing this one under:

Did you click that? Do, I'll wait. Are you smart enough for it? Cause I am not. I am an artist, an actor, a writer and I do.not.get.it. At the end of the day to me it's just a naked chick on a bicycle, and a woman wearing a dress that she can pee in sitting on a wooden chair for 15 hours a day being silent.


One of this artists past pieces was to carve with razor blade on her stomach. Sweet! Now I know that in junior high I wasn't just cutting...I was creating. I was doing a performance piece! Shame those doctors weren't smart enough to understand it.

And thus I've decided that I myself, am ready for my very own New York City art exhibition, because I do more than just sit in a chair peeing in my dress. I sculpt every day. So do you. And my sculpture is a living one.

My son.

 Each day I sculpt his mind, his self esteem, his feeling of being loved, his feeling of being secure. I also teach him not to touch hot things, to stay out of the dog's water (or at least I try), I sing to him and with him, I laugh at his antics and comfort him when he cries.

Each night when he goes to bed he is a little more sculpted, a little more formed than he was just 24 hours earlier. Then, like any good sculptor or painter, I let my artwork rest, and in the morning greet him with fresh eyes.

Each morning I am astonished at how beautiful my little sculpture is. Even better, I'm inspired in new ways every day of things to do, things to teach, and best of all ways to simply enjoy the most amazing art ever created.

Wouldn't it be lovely if every child was as cherished as ours? As painstakingly taught and sculpted to be caring, to share and to go through the world kindly?

Forget standing naked in a New York art gallery, I'm planning on doing some performance art this afternoon at the playground.

This piece shall be titled:

Stolen Moments and the joy of the wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

I hope you'll sculpt today too!


Christa Terry said...

Oh. My. Gosh. I heard that segment and was like, "Huh?" I'll admit that performance art is not my favorite sort of art, but I can think of way better uses of that woman's time.

Life with Kaishon said...

Wow. This post was beautiful. I can tell that you are a magnificent sculpture because you love your son so very much. That is a beautiful thing!

Salt said...

I never looked at motherhood this way before and it's just wonderful. :)

That naked on a bike for 15 hours crap though...yeah I don't understand it. When I was in school, I wrote a paper on a performance artist that used to suspend himself naked from the ceiling covered in pig's blood or some other weirdness and even after researching him for weeks, I still didn't get it.

Maybe if I get hit in the head hard enough.

Shari@Tales from the Sippy Cup said...

I love this. That is such an amazing way to look at our kiddos! As little works of art, because they truly to morph into something new each and every day.

I found you from the SITS community and I am so happy I did!!

I too will be doing a performance piece today. the "wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" is my son's favorite.

Holly@ Integrative Mom said...

WOW- you said it perfectly. After 12 years of living in NYC and working in the fashion/entertainment industy, I'm glad I can finally admit that I don't get it (or like it!) either. and thank you for writing such beautiful words about the sculptors that we moms are! I'll remind myself of this daily!

Allyson & Jere said...

What a beautifully written post! I appreciate so much when someone writes something like that and makes me look at things in a different way. I'm so glad I get to be a "sculptor" too.